From Friends and Students 朋友和学生留言

". . . with a combination of speed and agility that when Wong demonstrates it even now is awfully impressive . . ." (Front page article dated September 17, 1999, by Dan Frosch, reporter for the LA Times). “…我今天所見到的黄师傅表演,它的速度技巧都令我非常惊奇,…(美國洛参基曰报頭版,記者:Dan F于1999年9月)

"The most powerful Lap-Sao and sensitivity since Bruce Lee . . . the best Wing Chun expert in America that I know of . . ." (Jerry Poteet, Bruce Lee's student, a Grandmaster of JKD, an author, and movie producer). 自李小龍之后,从未見过這麽利害的抐手和知覚反应,黄师傅是我所見聞和交过手中最利害的咏春高手!(杰利Jerry P---李小龍徒弟,截拳道掌門,作者,電影武术指道。)

"Sifu Wong . . . very fast and powerful . . ." (James Demile, Bruce Lee's first student in the United States, author of Wing Chun Do, and a Grandmaster of JKD/Wing Chun). 黄智(志)鏵铧师傅…手脚出击之快和惊人的爆发劲是我所未見…(占士 James D---李小龍首徒,” 李小龍寸劲”, 和”咏春道”作者, 电影商截拳道和咏春道掌門.

"My experience with Sifu Wong was very enlightening, his impressive side kick bruised my shoulder through a 5 inch pad, from just an arm's reach! And sent me flying back! He was able to lock on me with a side mount that rendered me helpless, I was not able to do anything and at 6'4", 240 lbs, this was something that I couldn't imagine happening . . ." (Chris Hahn, third degree black-belt in Tae Kwon Do). …跟黄师傅学功夫令我大开眼界,他用2英尺内短距的側踢令我的肩膀即使用5寸厚的海棉垫保护着也受伤而内出血, 我也被踢飞十多尺!他用小个子的双脚钳压着我有如千斤而沒法动弹,這簡直令人难以相信!…我是240鎊及6尺4寸多髙的职业排球教练和跆拳道黑带三段教頭,韓洁士Chris H.

"Tom Wong's Yuen Kay San Wing Chun style has certain depth and understanding that I have not seen in other styles." (Bob Ashby, studied, met, and trained with many famous Grandmasters, including Chuck Norris, Bruce Lee, and several Wing Chun Grandmasters throughout the United States for more than 40 years). 黄师傅所教的功夫深度和前尖性是我一生中少見的,(伯阿士Bob A,曾随师五届世界空手道大赛冠軍罗礼士,李小龍,及多位咏春名师, 习武40多年。)

"Sifu Wong’s incredible grappling skill is from another planet! He tapped me out in front of my father (I had 8 gold medal in wrestling and 45 pound extra muscle over him). His unbelievable hand and leg speed and power knocked out my friend Jesus C (non-defeated east coast Kick boxing champion) in just two hits!!!" (Kerr Gloss, 8-time Wrestling Champion).

"I have learned more practical principles and applications in Sifu Wong's teaching in two months than I have ever learned in years with other schools." (Barry Setzer).

"Sifu Tom Wong understands all aspects of martial arts (including the history) and Chinese medicine. I consider him a genius. He has a profound affect on anyone who has met him." (Ben Eller, PHD (Psychology), holds a black belt in Issin Ryu Karate and Gracie Jujitsu).

"Sifu Wong demonstrates speed and power that is very impressive. The techniques in ground fighting, such as arm locks and leg locks and getting out of submission holds, is also very impressive . . . I am a black belt in Karate Korja Kempo system (Okinawa hard and soft style). I learned from my father, the great Tigi Mataalii, nicknamed "Iceman", who holds the world record for breaking 9,000 pounds of ice blocks, and a 7-time International Karate Champion." (Harris Mataalii). 黄师傅的速度和劲度都令我印像深刻难明,他的擒拿与反擒拿法利割少見。(沖繩空手道黑带总教炼克尼士Harris M,我父親是伟大的技名” 冰人”,世界記绿保持者,能空拳碎九千鎊冰块.)

"Sifu Wong is an awesome trainer, he defies the law of gravity to me. This is a whole new experience, it's very exciting to learn!" (Leondis Smith, two time Golden Glove champion, Diamond belt champion, and was a sparring partner of many world champions such as Shane Mosley, Genero Hernandez, Zach Padilla, and others). 黄师傅是位非常杰出的教练,他完全突破我所有的搏击摡念,非常振撼!(李吏密Lee S,二届金拳套冠軍,一届钻石拳套冠軍,及众多世界冠軍的訓练对手。)

80年代黄智烨用爆炸性的寸劲技服许多了不起的名人,截拳道掌门 如詹姆斯--李小龍 首徒及寸劲作者, 副掌门 杰瑞, 副掌门史蒂夫,及多届西洋拳冠军--李•史密斯,众自由搏击冠军,众摔交冠军,证明能使用它在真正的战斗, 我最欣賞他常提早告诉他的挑战者他要击中的地方后再重复攻击证明他的对手没法阻挡!… 徒胡大伟David R.

"Sifu Wong demonstrates fighting applications and techniques that are at a different level; the level of sophistication in Dishu enables one to accomplish more breaks, controls, and holds quicker than other arts." (Justin Bronk, black belt in Jujitsu, Judo, Tae Kwon Do, and has 20 years of martial arts experience). “黄师傅的功夫造诣之深是我一生所接触到的最髙技术之一…” (荘士屯 Justine B 柔道黑带,柔术黑带,跆拳道黑带,20年武术经验)

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