Class Outline - 概述

Tom Wong Kung Fu Class Outline


Our introductory classes are intended for sharing the history and proper training concept of our unique Kung Fu system publically, for the first time in history. Our student can experience these skill was once secretly kept and only share by a few upper class selected individuals. (Thus enable for our students to achieve the “fastest” result in the shortest amount of time. e.g., Student should be able to punch 11 times a second after one week of practice.) Compatible skill to spar against other school students of 20 years ( In the same weight and age class) after one year training.

  1. Traditional value and history of our KF, — Master Sum Neng , Master Chen Guo, Master Lui were documented as national treasure and Top leader of each Kung Fu style in China(appeared on government sponsored TV news in 1980s). Tom Wong was appointed chief instructor of Sum Neng Wing Chun outside of China (see SNWC first constitution in 1989 sanction by Chinese government).
  2. Emphasis student understand theory and application ( see course description).


  1. General Membership - only participating for regular training class activity, but does NOT participate in tests nor development of school.
  2. Active Membership - will not participate in exams, but interested in voluntary contribution and development of the school.
  3. Grass-Root Membership - taking the tests and is interested in helping the development of the school.
  4. Consulting Membership - a community active member, who is interested in helping the development of our school.
  5. Senior Membership - members who have been involved in our school for over 10 years will automatically be promoted to this position and served as an advisor.
  6. Chief-Executive Membership - responsible for judging tests, getting feed back from new students, creating new rules and promoting the school's development.


  1. Regular class program students (level 1 to level 4 consist of: 3 hand forms, 12 sansic, fundamental) can take the test-points-system to progress in a crash course manner, or students can advanced to the next level automatically after 2.5 years.
  2. Apprentice instructor program (level 1 to level 5 consist of: 3 hand forms, 12 sansic, fundamental, wooden dummy form) students have to volunteer helping the lower level students after passing each level tests, and review by the board member before advancement.
  3. “Indoor student” may become a certified instructor after passing a whole new program tests (7 levels) provided by Sifu. Student can apply becoming an “indoor student” after minimum of 6 months to 2 years of regular class attendance, and demonstrated a serious commitment and willingness to share school responsibility, then proved by the instructors and accepted by the master.

Course Description and Examination

  1. Regular Class

    1. Level I
      1. Introduction of History and philosophy, how it affect the training and result.
      2. Kung Fu Theory
        1. Family Tree
        2. Difference between internal vs. external, “soft” vs. “hard”, “rigid” vs. “continue flowing”. Pre-setted drills vs. live flowing with ever changing.
        3. Principle of our Wing Chun
          1. 12 Ways to approach an engagement
          2. End in a infinite angle of attach point
          3. Inside/outside parameters and 4 ranges
      3. Self Healing
        1. 8 Dragon Step
        2. Improve Chi Gung medidation results
        3. Rejuvination Chi Gung
      4. Fundamental Preparation
        1. Side-to-side hopping
        2. Leg Swings
        3. Arm/Leg stretching
        4. Foot stomp
        5. Safe falling, rolling
        6. Anti-grappling, counter tackle, and more
      5. Kung Fu Application (forms and techniques)
        1. Arrow step punch, arrow step form
        2. Chung choy
        3. Triangle palm of defense and counter strike
        4. Stomp kick, front kick, side kick
        5. Switching stance
        6. Elbow strike, knee strike
      6. Introductory of Weapons
    2. Level II
      1. Sil Lim Tao form
      2. One hand sticky hand drill
      3. Chasing shadow
      4. Flapping wing
      5. White crane
    3. Level III
      1. Chim Kil form
      2. One handed sticky hand
      3. Inside attachment
      4. Outside attachment
    4. Level IV
      1. Biu jee form and two hand sticky hand drill and combination counter
      2. Outside/Oy Lim
      3. Double curtain/Lui Lim
      4. Inside/Noy Lim
  2. Apprentice Instructor’s Program

    1. Fulfill all 4 levels of Regular class test requirements and voluntary work, plus
    2. Level V
      1. Wooden Dummy form
      2. Inside/Noy lap sao
      3. Outside/Oy lap sao

All level consists of 8 tests in 4 of the following categories:
  1. High Reps
  2. Theory Explaination
  3. Sparring: 6 out of 10 score
  4. Fundamental Exercise