Instructors of the Year

All principle instructors have passed all 4 categories of tests. All untested instructors are Assistant instructors. The instructors will be selected based on dedication, contribution, inspiration, leadership, Martial Arts skill, and knowledge of TWKF. The Instructor's Program is only open to a few dedicated individuals, who have passed the 2 year evaluation. They will be taught skills that were only passed onto the sole successors in the past, which includes some of the “Tom Wong developed equipment training”. This special training enabled him to surpass his peers in months instead of years and to duplicate his teacher's speed and power. The equipment training was developed by Tom Wong in his early teens from his experience in other professional sports and KF traditional training methods. He used this knowledge to create exercises that met the specific needs and principles of his unique Kung Fu regiment. Wong has proven his training method on various backgrounds of students with guaranteed results. From the physically slow to mentally slow. This method used occasionally until 2003, when it became part of the official training for the instructor's class. This training helps the instructors surpass the student's skill at an unmatched pace.

All students of TWWC are encouraged to send in comments/correction/reports of their instructor's performance directly to Sifu Wong at Otherwise all information here is consider accurate and official as of the date of this writing(2007). As every student should know that all instructors can not be 100% perfect, therefore we need constructive suggestions at all times.

PhotoNameYear AwardedLength of StudyTWKF Instructor RankWeapons RankChi Gong RankPrior Experience
Charles P.19852 YearsOrange Sash
David L.1981 - 198615 Years3rd Degree Black Sash1st Level Black Sash4th Degree Black Belt, Hwarrangdo, wrestling, boxing, JDK, Wing Chun
Paul L.19933 YearsBrown SashThai King Boxing
Mytri L.1994 - 19962 YearsBrown Sash
Perish J.1997 - 19982 YearsRed SashTaekwondo 1st degree black belt
Justin B.19999 Years1st Degree Black SashGreen Sash2nd LevelTaekwondo 1st degree black belt, Jujitsu black belt, Judo, Karate
Howard T.20003 YearsRed SashGreen Sash
Carlos H.20012 YearsYellow SashBoxing, Thai kickboxing
Ray W.20023 YearsYellow SashOne Year TWKF under David
Marcos A.20033 YearsYellow Sash
Jim L.20042 YearsBrown SashWrestling
Johnson L.20056 YearsBrown SashJKD, Wing Chun
Paul L.2006 - 20073 YearsBrown SashTaekwondo, Hapkido 1st degree black belt
Yohance Bobo20065 YearsBlack SashYellow Sash4 years TWWC with Sifu Wong, 1 year with Jim Lau
Jerrett S.2006 - 20073 YearsBlack SashYellow SashGreen SashTKD
Constantine S.20082 YearsYellow Sash1 year TWWC with Jim Lau, Tai Gi
Chris L.20115 YearsBlack SashWrestling, Hapkido